Faculty members in the Development area are focused on interdisciplinary research on lifespan development. They are interested in bringing an interdisciplinary perspective to studying human development in context, as defined by Urie Bronfenbrenner. Faculty have diverse interest that span the whole lifespan, starting from infant cognition, all the way to aging and gerontology research. Many faculty members lead and actively promote an interdisciplinary and integrative developmental science to understand the dynamic system of influences on human conditions and to effect change and improvement in the everyday life of the individual, family, and community. In addition, they also provide research-based outreach programs within the New York State Cooperative Extension system, fulfilling the land-grant mission of Cornell University.  

Related people

Image of Anthony Burrow
Anthony Burrow

Ferris Family Associate Professor of Life Course Studies and Director of the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research

Image of Marianella Casasola
Marianella Casasola

Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, College of Human Ecology

Image of Stephen Ceci
Stephen Ceci

Helen L. Carr Professor of Developmental Psychology

Image of Gary Evans
Gary Evans

Elizabeth Lee Vincent Professor

Image of Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs

Assistant Professor

Image of Adam J. Hoffman
Adam J. Hoffman

Assistant Professor

Image of Misha Inniss-Thompson
Misha Inniss-Thompson

Assistant Research Professor

Image of Tamar Kushnir
Tamar Kushnir


Image of Corinna Loeckenhoff
Corinna Loeckenhoff

Professor of Psychology and Professor of Gerontology in Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine

Image of Jane Mendle
Jane Mendle

Associate Professor

Image of Anthony Ong
Anthony Ong


Image of Qi Wang
Qi Wang

Joan K. and Irwin M. Jacobs Professor

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