Jenna Wells

Assistant Professor

Research Focus

My research examines how emotion in close relationships contributes to mental and physical health over the life course, with a focus on late life. I am particularly interested in individuals providing care for a loved one with neurodegenerative disease, such as dementia. A central aim of my work is to identify predictors of individual differences in caregivers’ vulnerability and resilience to adverse outcomes. A second line of my research examines positive interpersonal processes and their associations with long-term health and well-being in individuals and dyads. My approach to research is highly interdisciplinary, grounded in open science, and emphasizes ecological validity. Ultimately, the goal of this work is to identify intervention targets for individuals who are vulnerable to the adverse effects of caregiving and other interpersonal stressors.

Professional Experience

Jenna L. Wells received her undergraduate degree in clinical psychology and environmental studies from Tufts University and her Ph.D. in clinical science from the University of California, Berkeley. She completed her predoctoral clinical psychology internship in the Memory and Aging Center at the University of California, San Francisco.

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