Undergraduate students will gain familiarity with current knowledge about the important determinants of human behavior and with the methods used to expand that knowledge while developing critical thinking skills. Undergraduate Areas of study include: Development, Cognition, Social and Personality, and Neuroscience

The Undergraduate Program in Psychology

Students have the option of majoring or minoring in psychology. Many students combine a psychology major with a Cognitive Science minor. 

If you have questions about the major or minor, please contact Lisa Proper, Psychology Undergraduate Coordinator, Uris Hall, Room 211D. 

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The Undergraduate Program in Human Development 

Students have the option of majoring or minoring in Human Development. 

If you have questions about the major or minor, please contact Timothy Snyder, Human Development Student Services Coordinator, Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, Room G201

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Undergraduate Research Spotlight: Lindsay Rait '17

In her lab in the basement of Uris Hall, Lindsay Rait ’17, experiments with rats as she studies the role of the brain’s hippocampus in contextual memory. One day a week, she welcomes Lehman Alternative Community School junior Mohammed Williams into the lab, where he soaks up information about her research methods and also explores whether a career in research might be the right pathway for him.

Click here to learn more about Lindsay's research and her work with the Young Researchers Program.