Faculty in the Neuroscience area are interested in the neurophysiological, social/contextual, and evolutionary bases for cognition and behavior in both humans and nonhuman animals.  We emphasize an integrated, comparative approach among species and across levels of organization, from cellular networks to complex natural behavior.  How do neural circuits represent information, allocate resources, and generate behavior? How do social, developmental and situational factors regulate cognitive and emotional processes, adaptive behavior, and the neural and hormonal systems that underlie them?  How do brains acquire, remember, and integrate environmental experience so as to determine effective behavioral strategies? 

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Image of Adam Anderson
Adam Anderson


Image of Daniel Casasanto
Daniel Casasanto

Associate Professor

Image of Eve De Rosa
Eve De Rosa

Mibs Martin Follett Professor in Human Ecology and Cornell University Dean of Faculty

Image of Michael H. Goldstein
Michael H. Goldstein

Professor, Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow, and Director of the Robert S. Harrison College Scholar Program

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Marlen Gonzalez

Assistant Professor

Image of David Levitsky
David Levitsky

Professor Emeritus

Image of Alexander G. Ophir
Alexander G. Ophir

Associate Professor

Image of Valerie Reyna
Valerie Reyna

Lois and Melvin Tukman Professor

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Khena M. Swallow

Associate Professor

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Katherine Tschida

Mary Armstrong Meduski ‘80 Assistant Professor

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