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Colloquium Schedule: Fall 2021

The Department of Psychology Colloquium Series will be presented via Zoom at 12:20 pm through October 1, 2021 and afterwards in person in Room 219 Baker Lab building.
Zoom links will be sent with individual announcements via our mailing lists. For more information, contact Linda LeVan,


Date Speaker Institution Title
9/10/2021 (Virtual) Bradley Voytek University of California/San Diego Uncovering the Hidden Wealth of Physiological Information in Field Potentials
9/17/2021 (Virtual) Betsy Levy Paluck Princeton University Prejudice Reduction: Progress and Challenges
9/24/2021 (Virtual) Peter Sterling Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania What is Health? Allostasis and the Evolution of Human Design
10/1/2021 (Virtual) Daniël Lakens Eindhoven University of Technology When It’s OK to Use P-Values to Make Dichotomous Decisions
10/15/2021 David Levitsky Division of Nutritional Sciences and Department of Psychology, Cornell University The Weigh to Prevent Age-Related Weight Gain: The Only Way
Postponed to Spring 2022
Robert Siegler Columbia University The Ricciuti Lecture:  Numerical Magnitude Understanding: The Common Core of Numerical Development
New date TBA
10/29/21 - time and location TBD Sylvia Perry Northwestern University Joint presentation with BEDR: The Implications of Recognizing and Discussing Racial Bias
11/5/2021 Daniel Lubinski Vanderbilt University Studying Talent Development among Intellectually Precocious Youth: Educational and Psychological Implications of 40-Years of Longitudinal Research
11/12/2021 Laura Kubzansky Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Do Happy People Live Longer? Positive Psychological Well-Being and Healthy Aging
11/19/2021 Jessica Connelly University of Virginia TBA