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Colloquium Schedule

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NOTE: All Psychology Colloquia are held in 202 Uris Hall on Fridays, 12:20 - 1:30 pm, unless otherwise noted.

Colloquium Schedule: Spring 2020

Date Speaker Institution Title
2/14/2020 David Sloan Wilson Binghamton University Studying and Managing Personal and Cultural Evolution in Real-World Settings
2/28/2020 Andrew J. Oxenham University of Minnesota How Far Does Musical Training Generalize?
3/13/2020 Philip Atiba Goff John Jay College of Criminal Justice TBA
Canceled - to be rescheduled 
3/20/2020 Mara Mather University of Southern California How Arousal Increases Neural Gain and Attentional Selectivity
Canceled - to be rescheduled 
3/27/2020 Larisa Heiphetz Columbia University Perceived (Im)morality and Identity
Canceled - to be rescheduled 
4/10/2020 Michele J. Gelfand University of Maryland TBA
Canceled - to be rescheduled 
4/17/2020 Nora S. Newcombe Temple University

The Gibson Lecture in Experimental Psychology
Affordances and Representations: Understanding Mental Rotation, Perspective Taking and Spatial Reorientation
Canceled - to be rescheduled 


Colloquium Schedule: Fall 2019

Date Speaker Institution Title
9/13/2019 Vanessa Bohns Cornell University It's Harder to Say 'No' Than We Think: Implications for Compliance and Consent
9/20/2019 Paul Bloom Yale University The Pleasures of Suffering
G-76 Goldwin Smith Hall
9/27/2019 Erica Glasper University of Maryland Sex Matters: Interplay of Neonatal Paternal Deprivation and Adult Stress on Behavior in the Biparental California Mouse (Peromyscus californicus)
10/4/2019 Geoff Boynton University of Washington A Severe Bottleneck in the Processing of Visual Words
10/11/2019 Matt Smear University of Oregon Olfactory Search by Mice
10/25/2019 Gary Lupyan University of Wisconsin Madison What Are We Learning From Language?
Co-sponsored by the Cognitive Science Program
11/1/2019 Khena Swallow Cornell University How Events Shape Attention and Memory Over Time
11/8/2019 Eliza Bliss-Moreau University of California Davis The Construction of Animal Emotion
11/22/2019 Rebecca Calisi Rodriguez University of California Davis The Neisser Lecture
Canceled - to be rescheduled 
12/6/2019 James Cutting Cornell University Narrative and Narration in Popular Cinema