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Colloquium Schedule: Fall 2021

The Department of Psychology Colloquium Series will be presented both via Zoom and in person (for Cornell Community members only) in Room 219 Baker Lab building at 12:20 pm.
Zoom links will be sent with individual announcements via our mailing lists. For more information, contact Linda LeVan,


Date Speaker Institution Title
9/10/2021 (Virtual) Bradley Voytek University of California/San Diego Uncovering the Hidden Wealth of Physiological Information in Field Potentials
9/17/2021 (Virtual) Betsy Levy Paluck Princeton University Prejudice Reduction: Progress and Challenges
9/24/2021 (Virtual) Peter Sterling Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania What is Health? Allostasis and the Evolution of Human Design
10/1/2021 (Virtual) Daniël Lakens Eindhoven University of Technology When It’s OK to Use P-Values to Make Dichotomous Decisions
10/15/2021 (Hybrid) David Levitsky Division of Nutritional Sciences and Department of Psychology, Cornell University The Weigh to Prevent Age-Related Weight Gain: The Only Way
Postponed to Spring 2022
Robert Siegler Columbia University The Ricciuti Lecture:  Numerical Magnitude Understanding: The Common Core of Numerical Development
New date TBA
Sylvia Perry Northwestern University Joint presentation with BEDR: The Implications of Recognizing and Discussing Racial Bias
11/5/2021 (Hybrid) David Lubinski Vanderbilt University Studying Talent Development among Intellectually Precocious Youth: Educational and Psychological Implications of 40-Years of Longitudinal Research
11/12/2021 (Virtual) Laura Kubzansky Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Do Happy People Live Longer? Positive Psychological Well-Being and Healthy Aging
11/19/2021 (Hybrid) Jessica Connelly University of Virginia TBA