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Colloquium Schedule: Fall 2020

The joint Human Development-Psychology Colloquium Series was presented virtually with viewing limited to members of two departments for the Fall 2020 semester.


Colloquium Schedule: Spring 2021

The joint Human Development-Psychology Colloquium Series will be presented via Zoom at 12:20 pm.
Zoom links will be sent with individual announcements via our mailing lists. For more information, contact Linda LeVan,

Date Speaker Institution Title
3/5/2021 Larisa Heiphetz Columbia University Perceived (Im)morality and Identity
3/12/2021 Rachel White Hamilton College TBA
3/19/2021 Will Hobbs Department of Human Development, Cornell University TBA
3/26/2021 Sabrina Burmeister University of North Carolina TBA
Monday, 4/5/2021 Angela Duckworth University of Pennsylvania The Ricciuti Lecture
4/30/2021 David Pizarro Department of Psychology, Cornell University TBA
5/7/2021 Malte Jung Department of Information Science, Cornell University TBA
5/14/2021 Miriam Aly Columbia University The Neisser Lecture