Colloquium Schedule

Colloquium Schedule: Fall 2022

The Department of Psychology Colloquium Series will be presented both via Zoom and, when possible, in-person (for Cornell Community members only) at 12:20 pm on Fridays.

Zoom links will be sent with individual announcements via our mailing lists. For more information, contact Linda LeVan,

Schedule TBA

Colloquium Schedule: Spring 2022

Date Speaker Institution Title
2/11/2022 (Virtual) Mina Cikara Harvard University The Neisser Lecture: Causes and Consequences of Coalitional Cognition
3/11/2022 (Virtual) Kentaro Fujita The Ohio State University On Metamotivation: What People Know About Regulating Motivational States
115 Rockefeller Hall
Matthew K. Nock Harvard University The Catlin Lecture: Using New Technologies to Better Understand, Predict, and Prevent Suicidal Behavior
3/30/2022 (Virtual) Elizabeth Dunn University of British Columbia Supersizing the Science of Happiness
4/15/2022 (Virtual) Staci D. Bilbo Duke University Microglia, Microbes, and Development of the Social Brain
POSTPONED TO FALL 2022 Robert S. Siegler Columbia University, Teachers College The Ricciuti Lecture: Numerical Magnitude Understanding: The Common Core of Numerical Development
115 Rockefeller Hall
Nora Newcombe Temple University The Gibson Lecture in Experimental Psychology: Affordances and Representations: Understanding Mental Rotation, Perspective Taking and Spatial Reorientation