Faculty members in Cognition investigate a wide range of areas in Cognitive Science using a variety of methods. Topics include language, scene processing, event segmentation, music, statistical learning, memory and consciousness. The area has historically taken a unique ecological approach using the perspective that our cognitive systems are best understood in their natural and evolutionary contexts. The methods used by our faculty and students include human experimental techniques, computational and mathematical modeling, electrophysiology, FMRI, eye-tracking and cross-cultural comparisons.

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Image of Adam Anderson
Adam Anderson


Image of Daniel Casasanto
Daniel Casasanto

Associate Professor

Image of Marianella Casasola
Marianella Casasola

Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, College of Human Ecology

Image of Stephen Ceci
Stephen Ceci

Helen L. Carr Professor of Developmental Psychology

Image of Michael H. Goldstein
Michael H. Goldstein

Professor, Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow, and Director of the Robert S. Harrison College Scholar Program

Image of Amy R. Krosch
Amy R. Krosch

Assistant Professor

Image of Carol Krumhansl
Carol Krumhansl

Professor Emerita

Image of Valerie Reyna
Valerie Reyna

Lois and Melvin Tukman Professor

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Khena M. Swallow

Associate Professor

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Qi Wang

Joan K. and Irwin M. Jacobs Professor

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Vivian Zayas


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