Social and Personality

Faculty members in the Social & Personality area are interested in understanding how people think, feel, and act in real-world social situations. There is a particular interest in how people make sense of the social world around them, as represented by research programs on judgment and decision making, attribution, self-knowledge, mood and emotion, and stereotyping/prejudice. Frequent topics of inquiry include whether people reach accurate or erroneous judgments about themselves and others, how people arrive at their decisions, how those decisions can be influenced by emotions or factors outside of awareness, and how people decide whether an action or pattern of behavior merits praise or moral condemnation.

Related people

Image of Corinna Loeckenhoff
Corinna Loeckenhoff

Professor of Psychology and Professor of Gerontology in Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine

  • Psychology
Image of Laura Niemi
Laura Niemi

Assistant Professor

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
Image of Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs

Assistant Professor

  • Government
  • Psychology
Klarman Hall
Cindy Hazan

Associate Professor, Andrew H. & James S. Tisch Distinguished University Professor

  • Psychology
Image of Valerie Reyna
Valerie Reyna

Lois and Melvin Tukman Professor

  • Psychology
Image of Qi Wang
Qi Wang

Joan K. and Irwin M. Jacobs Professor

  • Asian American Studies Program
  • China and Asia-Pacific Studies Program
  • Cognitive Science Program
  • Psychology
Image of Vivian Zayas
Vivian Zayas


  • Psychology
Image of David A. Pizarro
David A. Pizarro

Associate Professor

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
Image of Amy R. Krosch
Amy R. Krosch

Assistant Professor

  • Psychology
Image of Thomas D. Gilovich
Thomas D. Gilovich

Irene Blecker Rosenfeld Professor of Psychology

  • Psychology

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