The Psychology Minor

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Admission to the minor is the same as to the major: good standing in the college, and passing three or more psychology courses with grades of C+ or better. Again, provisional admission requires two such courses. To apply to the minor and receive an advisor, a minor application form may be obtained from the department office (211 Uris Hall) or download the minor form here. Forms should be completed and taken to Lisa Proper, 211D Uris Hall.

General Requirements

  1. A total of 18 credits in psychology (including prerequisites), from which students minoring in psychology are expected to choose, in consultation with their advisors, a range of courses that covers the basic processes in psychology. First-year seminars or AP courses cannot be counted towards the credit requirements. Students are also encouraged to take independent study or fieldwork (PSYCH 4700 and PSYCH 4710; research conducted under the supervision of a professor). Up to 6 of these credits may be counted towards the minor. No course other than PSYCH 4700 and PSYCH 4710 may be taken S/U.

  2. It is strongly recommended that students take at least one course from each of the following three areas of psychology:

Computing in the Arts Minor

A minor in Computing in the Arts with an emphasis on psychology is available both to psychology majors and to students majoring in other subjects. For more information, please see Courses of Study.