About Us

The Department of Psychology focuses on the investigation of behavior and its cognitive, neural, and hormonal underpinnings in the full range of environmental situations. Our substantial resources include excellent research space and laboratory equipment; state-of-the-art computer facilities; an outstanding library system that is one of the ten largest academic research libraries in North America; and a highly skilled support staff. 

For general inquires, please contact us at Psychology@cornell.edu

Department Vision:

Our group of scientists and scholars celebrate a well integrated faculty with core foci and strengths. We also aim to expand current strengths and build new concentrations to enhance collaborations both within the department and across the University and world. Our faculty works collaboratively at the whole-department level, respecting the specialties of current mid-career and junior faculty to forge the direction for the next 5, 10, and 25 years.

Support the Department of Psychology

If you maintain an interest or affinity with the department and you want to see it grow and succeed, we welcome your support. Programmatic needs always seem to outstrip our financial resources.

Gifts can be directed by phone, or by donating via the online form and specifying "Department of Psychology" in the "Other" desgination on the form.