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Stephen Ceci

Helen L. Carr Professor of Developmental Psychology

Stephen Ceci

Academic Surge Facility B, Room 164


Graduate Fields

  • Psychology


  • College of Human Ecology: Human Development


My research activities involve three lines of inquiry, each of which generated multiple new publications during 2017. These three lines are: 1) children & the law (suggestibility, competence to testify, deception, coerced confessions), 2) women and science (sex discrimination in hiring, mentoring, stereotypes), and 3) intellectual development (cross-cultural influences, schooling, intelligence, cognitive sex differences, and achievement gaps). In my women-in-science research with Wendy Williams, we published several new articles and we co-edited a volume (in press). In addition, I conducted and published multiple experiments on children's testimonial competence (with members of my lab group).  And I published several articles/chapters on intellectual development.