Why I don't want my daughter to learn about US presidents

By: Katherine D. Kinzler,  The Hill
Tue, 04/25/2017

Katherine D. Kinzler, associate professor of psychology, writes in this opinion piece in The Hill about her concerns about the male dominated world of presidential politics.

"I can imagine the hypothetical study I would design in my experimental psychology lab to test the childhood impact of learning that our nation’s 45 presidents have all been men," she writes.

"Welcome to my game! Today we’re going learn about a nation of red people and blue people. They are about half and half in number, and live peacefully together. Every few years they hold an election to pick the most powerful person who will lead their democracy, and who also will impact much of the rest of the world. I’ll walk you through it! The first election happened — it was a red person. I’ll show you the second. Red again! (Repeat 45 times or 58 times if you’re really counting). Oh, and guess what — you’re a blue person.

"This study verges on the unethical. Yet, it is exactly what our presidential biography books teach children."

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