Winter Session 2020

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Psych 2750: Introduction to Personality (online course)

Dates:            January 2, 2020 - January 18, 2020

Day/Time:      Distance learning (make your own schedule)

Credits:          3

Instructor:     Prof. Vivian Zayas

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Description: What is “personality”? How is it scientifically studied and measured? To what extent, do biological, social, and cultural factors shape personality? Is personality an expression of our genetic make up and biology, the culmination of social influences, the interplay of both, or the result of random events? In this course, we will review the major theoretical paradigms of personality psychology, discuss contemporary research, theory, and methodology, and learn about key historical debates in the study of “personality”.


Psych 3800 - Social Cognition  (online course - no prerequisites)

Dates:          January 2, 2020 - January 18, 2020

Day/Time:    Distance learning (make your own schedule)

Credits:        3

Instructor:   Professor Melissa Ferguson

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Description:   How do we form and change our first impressions of other people? What kinds of events put us into happy versus sad moods?  What explains why we persist in holding stereotypes of groups?  Can we explain why we think an act is immoral?  This course addresses these types of questions (and many more!) using social and cognitive psychological theory and methods.  Using a variety of sources – from empirical journal articles, textbooks, TED talks, and blog-posts – we examine cutting-edge psychological research on the causes and consequences of our own and other people's judgments, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors.  We use different teaching methods to accomplish these learning goals, including lectures, group activities, and small group discussions.

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