Senior Profiles, 2019

By: Stephen D'Angelo,  College of Human Ecology
Mon, 08/05/2019

Shailen Doshi
Cherry Hill, NJ

Undergraduate accomplishments/accolades: Volunteering in the Cornell and Ithaca community as an executive board member of two local non-profit organizations, developing data analysis and research skills as a Research Assistant, serving on the executive board of social fraternity, taking classes in 5 out of the 7 colleges at Cornell.

Plans after graduation: Working as a Strategy Analyst at Accenture.

What you will miss about CHE: I will miss being able to learn from, discuss, and collaborate with the world-class professors in the PAM department on research that is helping to shape our understanding of policy and social change.

Alexina Federhen
Bennington, VT

Undergraduate accomplishments/accolades: DEA Alumni and OADI scholarships for summer study at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, internship with Array Architects in NYC, SOURCE award for my lighting design for a mental health center, Monica and Howard Kahn Scholarship, and my honors thesis on Assessing Evidence-Based Design for Mental and Behavioral Health Facilities. I was very active in the CU community, serving as Secretary of the Student Assembly Finance Commission, VP Public Relations for Cayuga’s Watchers, VP Risk Management for Alpha Phi, and student representative for the Cornell Coalition on Mental Health . I am thrilled to graduate with honors and a Minor in Healthy Futures.

Plans after graduation: Working at CBT Architects in Boston as an Interior Designer.

What you will miss about CHE: I will miss working with some amazing professors, (shout out to Rhonda Gilmore, Mardelle Shepley, and Gary Evans), exploring new challenges, and those late nights in the studio.

Tori Pietsch
Groton, MA

Undergraduate accomplishments/accolades: Joining Absolute A Cappella, curating my own exhibit, Revolution & Restraint, and helping to curate Women Empowered, serving as Vice President of Graphics & Branding of the Cornell Fashion Industry Network, acting as co-president of Her Campus Cornell, writing for the Cornell Daily Sun’s Opinion Section and Thread magazine.

Plans after graduation: Working as a Global Digital Content Coordinator for Converse in Boston, MA.

What you will miss about CHE: I will miss the opportunities and support from friends, professors and administrators. I’ve found that Human Ecology has enabled me to reach all of my goals as long as I was willing to put in the work to achieve them! I have always felt supported and encouraged throughout my time at Cornell, and I’m really going to miss being at a school that has provided opportunities for me at every turn.

Briana Lui
Queens, NY

Undergraduate accomplishments/accolades: Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholar, Research Assistant in the Wells Lab, Chair of the Welcome Weekend Committee, Marketing Co-Chair of the College of Human Ecology Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Council, Class Councils, Convocation Committee, Kappa Omicron Nu, Health Policy and Gerontology minors, Dean’s List.

Plans after graduation: Working as a research assistant at Weill Cornell Medicine during my gap year before attending medical school.

What you will miss about CHE: I will miss all the meaningful relationships I have built in Human Ecology and at Cornell. I am so grateful for all of my mentors and colleagues who played a pivotal role in shaping my college experience and making it an unforgettable four years.

Belinda Tang
San Jose, CA

Undergraduate accomplishments/accolades: Senior Career Assistant in Human Ecology’s Career Exploration Center, Lab Manager in Healthy Aging Lab, Research Assistant in Affect and Cognition Lab, Kappa Omicron Nu, Co-Chair of Marketing for Human Ecology Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Council, Co-President of Project Generations, College of Human Ecology Student Ambassador, Student Assistant in Hans Bethe House, Gerontology Minor, Nutrition and Health Minor, Dean’s List.

Plans after graduation: Gap year before applying to medical school. In the long term, I hope to become a geriatrician.

What you will miss about CHE: I will miss dearly the tight-knit nature of the Human Ecology community. Additionally, I will also miss the mentorship I have received from the Human Ecology’s Advising and Counseling staff, specifically Deanne Maxwell and Darryl Scott. I also want to give special thanks to Professor Eve De Rosa for introducing me to the world of research and to Professor Corinna Loeckenhoff for continuously helping me navigate the field of gerontology.

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