Department Awards for Undergraduates

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Undergraduate Psychology Awards

The overall goal of these awards is to promote undergraduate research in psychology at Cornell. The award aims to provide funds to help motivated and talented undergraduate students undertake independent empirical work and take part in the dissemination of the work via attendance at national conferences. Although students from all majors/minors are encouraged to apply, priority will be given to psych majors and minors.

This 2020-2021 year, the funds are generously provided by the Halpern family and the Rosevear family. 

Individual awards can be up to $500 for the purposes of research support or attendance at conferences. More information on each award and purpose is provided below. 

Undergraduate(s) will need to download, fill out and submit a nomination form. For each nominated undergraduate, a Psychology department faculty member must send a brief statement of support for each student, including the amount and purpose of the award. Please send all materials to Department Chair David Field ( and Lisa Proper (

Nomination forms can be submitted anytime between September 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021, and the award needs to be spent during the 2020-2021 academic year. 

The Cornell Psychology Undergraduate Research 


Research funds can be used for participant payments, equipment, and software. Awardees who use funds to purchase equipment or software will need to submit receipts for reimbursement. Alternatively, awardees can discuss the possibility of having the department purchase any research items. For participant payments, we will need 1) the IRB number and title for the proposed work, and 2) receipt of participant payment in the form of signed departmental forms for participant receipts for cash (if participants are coming into the study in person) or an account (e.g., Amazon mechanical Turk). Importantly, this award is only given to undergraduates who have already applied for the College Research Awards, including the Einhorn and Undergraduate Research awards. 

The Cornell Psychology Undergraduate Travel Award: 

Travel funds can be used for costs accrued in the process of attending a conference, such as hotel costs, conference registration costs, and travel costs. Awardees will need to submit receipts for all costs for reimbursement. Awardees can discuss the possibility of having the department pay directly for conference fees. Costs for food/beverages will not be reimbursed.